Why Gaine?

Save Time

Time is Your Competitive Advantage

Gaine products reduce the time it takes to get systems working together and, through automation and machine learning, reduces administrative overhead.

Skip the Learning Pains

Our singular focus on healthcare data management ensures that all Gaine staff have years of relevant experience.

All of the Ingredients for
the Best Solution

A complete suite of healthcare data management tools allows Gaine to build tailored solutions for each client without dealing with multiple vendors and incompatible products.

We’re only a Phone Call
(Or Email) Away

Eliminate downtime with around-the-clock support and stay ahead of problems with ongoing data quality monitoring.

Time-to-value is reduced by 30% or more when using Gaine over other Master Data Management products or in-house integrations.

Saving Time – Technically

Future Proof Design

Gaine provides industry data models that have been proven over many years. There is no need to waste time designing what we already have in the arsenal.

Reduce Developer Time

Our extensive library of business rules, transformations, and governance workflows will alleviate much of the data integration code required and saving significant development time.

Data Quality

Constantly evaluate your data quality with our audit tool and data policy repository. Data quality scoring and drill-through reports reduce the time required to discover and fix data quality problems.

Preserve System Flexibility

Opt-in Synctm avoids conflicts between application owners over data rules. Avoid design complexities that can complicate the architecture, and placate internal resistance to change.


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