Why Gaine?

Eliminate Risk

Strip risk from your project roadmap

Gaine boasts a 100% success rate delivering some of the most complex data integrations in the world.

What are the associated risks?

Cost overages, missed deadlines, incomplete deployment, mismatched technology, having to change direction mid-project, and many more. Let Gaine help you identify these risks and mitigations.

We have eliminated risk along the way

By engaging Gaine you will know the cost and timeline to achieve your objectives up-front so that you may plan accordingly. Our recommendations are transparent and easy to understand ensuring your success.

Information Agility is adaptability

With Gaine’s Coperor platform, you will maximize the value of your data. Our intelligent data management platform allows rapid integration with any new data source or application technology.

A decade of success, thousands of integrations, and billions of records under management. Gaine has the track record to guarantee success.

Eliminating Risk – Technically

Future Proof Design

Gaine provides canonical industry data models that have been proven over many years. Standardizing your data via our industry models ensures that legacy limitations are not carried through to your new systems.

Maximize SME Time

Our extensive library of business rules, transformations, and governance workflows will alleviate much of the data integration code required and frees your technical Subject Matter Experts to concentrate on high-value activities.

Data Quality

Data Quality is constantly evaluated with our audit tool and data policy repository. Data gaps are identified on an ongoing basis to de-risk the initial data load of any new system.

Preserve System Flexibility

Opt-in Sync™ avoids conflicts about data standards between application owners. Each of your application systems retains full autonomy to consume data when, and how they choose without compromising the overall enterprise data policy.


How do we prevent risk?

Tell us about your project or your work. We have completed thousands of system integrations over hundreds of projects and have learned where to spot the potential risks and opportunities in various integration or data management projects. We are happy to walk you through typical processes and offer some insight to get you started on the right foot.

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