Data Migration

Accelerate deadlines, guarantee data integrity and reduce project risk.

Making the move from outdated legacy platforms to modern core administration systems is a smart and increasingly common strategy for healthcare payers. In making this move, you will likely face the challenge of keeping data synchronized between systems during the weeks, months, or even years spent transforming from old to new.

Gaine’s Coperor platform acts as your information broker when moving from old to new systems, merging systems, or integrating with new applications. It sits between your legacy systems and your new platform to ensure that changes made in any system are synchronized according to your business rules — no lost data, no duplication, and no re-keying.

Business Benefits

Low-Cost, Fast, and Complete Migrations

When migrating legacy systems, merging systems, or integrating new applications, Gaine is your ideal choice of partner.

The comprehensive Gaine approach will reduce the overall time to complete conversions on average by 40% while reducing the overall project cost. Additionally, our unique platform and data migration process minimizes impact to your day-to-day business and reduces the stress on subject matter experts.

Improve Project Estimates

Gaine’s Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) for healthcare have many years of experience dedicated to payer- and provider-specific data. This experience helps us to assess existing data in the context of the new application or business process specific to this space.

Post-assessment, we provide accurate time estimates for project completion, eliminating the guess-work for all parties involved. Thorough process outlines are provided to all stakeholders, helping each understand their role in completing a successful move from one system to another.

Complete Data Transformation Audit Trail

Each transformation is fully auditable to enable the data loaded in the new application to be accurately traced back to its original source system.

We track the origin and sequence of each change to every data element throughout the migration process. The audit function captures changes irrespective of where they are made including updates in spreadsheets, changes in legacy systems, transformations via program code or updates through the Gaine web console.

Complete auditability of the data improves user confidence, reduces testing cycles and significantly reduces the time required to audit a new system post go–live.

Uninterrupted Access and Business

Gaine’s Data Migration toolkit coordinates all changes to data throughout the course of the migration project, irrespective of where the changes were made, to ensure that no change is ever lost or incorrectly applied.

While most migration services require downtime or pauses for legacy systems during the transformation, Gaine’s tools and techniques allow your business to continue uninterrupted throughout the entirety of the process. 

Technical Benefits

Extensive Automation and Code Reduction

The Gaine Data Migration solution accelerates project delivery with access to a library of data conversion functions and pre-defined workflows.

With many years dedicated to developing processes and tools specific to the healthcare industry, we have been able to automate many of the processes which would otherwise have to be built from scratch.

Single Point of Audit

Auditing the data in the new system is critical to completing a conversion. Our unique solution allows auditors to follow the lineage of every data element from legacy system, through transformation into the new system.

This consolidated view prevents you from looking to several different systems and cross-referencing the data in order to generate a one-time, or especially recurring reports.

No New Hardware or Software Required

Gaine provides a complete staging area for data as it is manipulated and prepared for the new application. Our clients realize additional project savings leveraging our cloud-based platform to avoid the need for new hardware or software to support the data migration.

Why our customer choose Gaine for critical data migration projects

Meet Your Deadlines

Gaine removes the risks that give rise to missed deadlines and seemingly endless break-fix testing cycles. Our unique process eliminates rework and dramatically reduces cycle-time during testing.


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At or Under Budget

The cost of performing data migrations in-house can include thousands of hours of programming, new hardware and software, and the potential for nasty surprises. Eliminate each of these cost factors with Gaine. 


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Eliminate Risk Throughout

Business data is linked to business requirements at all times, stakeholders maintain full visibility throughout the process, and change management tools allow decisions to be qualified and quantified constantly.


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Migrating your Data

The Gaine Data Migration solution effectively integrates and harmonizes critical business data related to providers, members, patients, and suppliers, including data coming from external systems, like NPPES and HL7 compliant applications. The platform also makes it possible to integrate your new application with any existing enterprise data warehouses to provide a single view of information across all systems.

Fully configurable rules within the Gaine platform determine when and how information should be exchanged between systems. As data is processed in the Gaine platform, problems can be flagged for data stewards to address before the data is distributed to connected systems.

Explore the features available within the Gaine Data Migration toolkit to tailor a solution for your specific needs.

ODS Integration
With the Coperor ODS companies can incorporate transaction data into the business rules driving enterprise synchronization and master data management.

Enterprise Sync
A business rules engine with machine learning capabilities to keep all connected systems updated with the enterprise repository based on the preferences and technical specifications of each application.

Notifications Engine
Notifications are posted to a central queue and may be strung together into complex workflows to resolve data problems. Clients may configure a set of notifications from an extensive library and consume these via the Coperor portal or integrate these into their internal applications via the API.

Audit Manager

Identify and classify data deficiencies or anomalies and post this audit report to a dashboard, inbox or workflow tool. Used extensively in data migrations, the audit manager ensures that your data has integrity and meets the corporate data policies at all times.

Policy Repository
An online repository that stores your data policy for every data element in the enterprise model in both business and technical terms.

Data Stewarding
Leverage our experience team of data stewards with industry experience either to get your through a backlog, or as part of your day to day operational process.

Extended Support
Choose the level of support you need based on response times, dedicated support staff and coverage windows. From Bronze to Platinum support levels available.

Implementation Services

Have our team of experienced consultants with industry knowledge and deep technical skills to accelerate your project.  Our implementation teams work closely with product engineering to make sure you get what you need with the minimum of fuss.


We have training programs for end-users of all of our business solutions. Technical training  is offered on a one-on-one basis, skill transfer program or in a classroom setting.


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