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​As pioneers in the Master Data Management space, we have seen how difficult it can be for organizations to leverage this type of enterprise software fully. At Gaine, we have dedicated the past decade to specific markets where we can combine our industry knowledge, subject matter expertise, and tailored solutions for best results.

We don’t believe that a customer should pay us to learn on the job. Therefore, you won’t see Gaine outside of our target markets. However, if you’re in commercial operations in healthcare, life sciences, biotechnology, higher education, or P&C insurance, then you should talk to us and understand how our relentless focus ultimately results in exceptional value for our clients.


Our mission is to eliminate as much administrative burden as possible from industries where overhead is a material barrier to creating customer value. The industry solutions we deliver time and time again have a common theme of reducing manual processes, eliminating re-work, and minimizing the cost of maintaining high-quality data.

We pride ourselves on bringing tangible benefits to patients, insurance enrollees, or students when we deliver upon our mission. Perhaps that is why we have zero-churn in our customer base.

We will continue to find ways to eliminate waste and improve customer outcomes through effective data management.



Managed Care Providers

Large Provider Groups (IPAs, AOCs, and MSOs)

Health Insurance Payers

Regional Health Initiatives

Life Sciences / Biotech


Commercial operations in biopharma

Commercial operations in pharma manufacturers

Small biopharma launching commercial products

Insurance FinTech


Insurance Fin-tech

P&C Carriers

Health Insurance Brokers

Higher Education


Higher Education

State Universities

Junior Colleges

We are 100% focused on our areas of expertise.


Our clients never pay for our on-the-job training.


We experience zero churn in our customer base.

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