Why Gaine?

Reduce Cost

Flexible pricing linked to cost savings ensures your return on investment.

Automating manual processes, eliminating redundant processes, and providing project accelerators are just some of the ways we are guaranteed to save you money.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Industry-wide

We have reduced the overall direct and indirect costs typically associated with enterprise-class master data management by up to 67% and more than 40% on average.

Custom doesn’t have to mean “from scratch”

Gaine defines a tight recipe for success based directly on need, where “custom” means calling on the perfect combination of tools from the industry’s most advanced library of interoperability solutions.

Reduce admin costs and improve output

Machine learning tools and procedural
automation based on your policies allow for a dramatic reduction in administrative involvement and the need for professional services. 

Advanced automation, Machine learning, and proven processes help eliminate thousands of hours of administrative overhead each year for our clients.

Reducing Costs – Technically

Future Proof Design

Future proof design – Gaine provides canonical industry data models that have been proven over many years. Don’t waste valuable resources designing what we already have in the arsenal.

Maximize SME Time

Our extensive library of business rules, transformations, and governance workflows will alleviate much of the data integration code required at a fraction of the cost of development.

Data Quality

Data Quality is constantly evaluated with our audit tool and data policy repository. Data quality scoring and drill-through reports reduce the time required to discover and fix data quality problems.

Preserve System Flexibility

Opt-in Synctm avoids conflicts between application owners over data rules. Avoid design complexities or concessions that impact your overall return on investment.

Who We Manage Data For

Life Sciences
Continuing Education

How do we save on cost? 

Tell us about your project or your work. We have completed over 2,000 projects and have learned where to spot the potential risks in cost overages as well as identify cost savings opportunities in various integration or data management projects. We are happy to walk you through typical processes and offer some insight to get you started on the right foot.

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