Harmonize your data across systems with Coperor Core Services

The journey to interoperability begins with Gaine’s Coperor Core Services. Coperor provides the sophistication and control to ensure that data exchanged between healthcare systems is translated and contextualized to enable it to be shared effectively.

With Coperor, we can work with your data in any format without having to change existing applications or workflows. Likewise, we can package your mastered data and deliver or connect it to any number of desired systems with ease.


Coperor accepts data in any format in files or real-time transactions. The first step in the process is to map the data to a proven industry model that abstracts one system from another.


Next, we link internal and external identifiers of your members, providers, service locations, and other master records to a master key.


After the data is combined into master records, we analyze each system against your data policies and data quality standards to generate system notifications or even data stewarding workflows.


Based on the data analysis and business rules augmented with machine learning capabilities, we determine which systems require specific data updates.


Finally, data updates are packaged for connected systems, in the format required by each system and distributed via the mechanism of choice.


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