Coperor Core Services


Coperor redefines system interoperability, combining the best of master data management, operational data store, data governance, and harmonization technology into a single platform.


Comprehensive Master Data Management Platform

Reduced code equates to a lower overall cost of ownership

Increased flexibility through extensive automation

Single-point-of-audit increases visibility to business stakeholders

No new hardware or software means reduced costs and no learning curve

Business rules control the distribution of data between systems


Coperor enables Information Agility™

Information Agility™ allows you to leverage new information quickly, improve data quality, and, at the same time, reduce systems integration costs.


  • Import new data sources without the need to change existing operational or analytic systems.
  • Maintain multiple views of the same information to support varying needs between stakeholders.
  • Simplify the exchange of information between systems, reducing cost and complexity for the enterprise.
  • Establish a central point of control for data governance.


What You Get

MDM Stack

Multi-Domain, Master Data Management platform to link, standardize and harmonize master data across all enterprise applications.

Enterprise Sync

A business rules engine with machine-learning capabilities to keep connected system aligned with business rules and technical specifications managed within the included policy repository.

Policy Repository

An online repository that stores your data policy for every data element in the enterprise model in both business and technical terms.

Data Stewarding

Leverage our experience team of data stewards with industry experience either to get your through a backlog, or as part of your day to day operational process.

Real-time Services

Enables all core MDM functions through an API for real-time cleansing, matching, merging and mastering from any application or workflow.

Notification Engine

Notifications are posted to a central queue and may be strung together into complex workflows to resolve data problems. Clients may configure a set of notifications from an extensive library and consume these via the Coperor portal or integrate these into their internal applications via the API.

Third-party Gateway

Achieve maximum leverage from third-party reference data without polluting your internal systems with unwanted noise. Our third party gateway gives you complete control over what data is distributed into your internal systems according to your business rules and data policies.

Extended Support

Choose the level of support you need based on response times, dedicated support staff and coverage windows. From Bronze to Platinum support levels available.

ODS Integration

With the Coperor Operational Data Store (ODS) companies can incorporate transaction data into the business rules driving enterprise synchronization and master data management.

Audit Manager

Identify and classify data deficiencies or anomalies and post this audit report to a dashboard, inbox or workflow tool. Used extensively in data migrations, the audit manager ensures that your data has integrity and meets the corporate data policies at all times.

SFDC Toolkit

Integrate all Coperor functions into via our programming API. Perform live matching, standardization to your policies and issuance of new master ID’s all from your SalesForce application.

Implementation Services

Have our team of experienced consultants with industry knowledge and deep technical skills to accelerate your project.  Our implementation teams work closely with product engineering to make sure you get what you need with the minimum of fuss.

Choosing Gaine

How does Coperor compare?

It takes extensive, custom development and several data management tools to match the capabilities of Coperor.


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