Technical Business Analyst
Job Summary:

Technical Business Analysts are responsible for leading Gaine’s efforts to analyze data quality, analyze customer solution requirements and validate that Gaine’s implementation appropriately meets customer business problems in the context of Gaine’s products and services. In some cases, the analysis will fall completely within scope of Gaine’s product capabilities. However, in many cases, completing the necessary analysis will require comprehending how Gaine’s solution interacts with portions of the customer’s internal platforms and/or third-party products. Technical Business Analysts are tasked with both proactively identifying issues within customer data (via profiling, source reconciliation or other techniques) as well as triaging requests from customers/partners to educate the reporter or identify the root cause. A key requirement of this role is to be able to understand existing processes, operating models, and systems to understand data integration workflows within extended enterprise architectures.


Essential Functions:

Specific tasks involved in analyzing data and solution requirements will vary across customers and projects, however in general a Technical Business Analyst is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Describe Gaine’s standard data model, data processing stages and key configuration elements.
  • Profile and analyze customer source data to identify data quality issues and opportunities.
  • Perform analysis to define requirements for data cleansing, matching, survivorship and business rules in the context of master data management solutions.
  • Document specifications for business and technical requirements.
  • Define and execute test plans to confirm customer solutions meet the defined requirements for solution and management.
  • Collaborate with Gaine company and product leadership to provide input on opportunities to improve Gaine’s products and services based on insights gained from working with internal and external teams to define and deliver solutions.


  • Possesses a broad understanding of relational data analysis in the context enterprise data quality. This includes data standardization/cleansing as well as data de-duplication and golden record definition.
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL and ability to develop analyze queries with complex relational joins.
  • The skills and knowledge for this role are typically applied to wide variety of challenges including but not limited to business process improvement, data migrations, requirements definition, testing (unit, system, and acceptance) and support (defect tracking, lights-on-operations).
  • Analyzes solution requirements including functional requirements to document functional requirements. Also performs testing to validate that product configuration accomplishes the intend functional outcomes.
  • Understands customer business processes and has ability to assess the impact of issues in customer workflows that contribute to data quality issues.


Knowledge, Skill and Experience:

Minimum Education (or substitute experience) required:

  • BS/BA degree or equivalent experience in related field


Minimum Experience required:

  • 5 years of business analysis experience, to include analysis, project management, working knowledge of mainframe computer, hardware, and operating systems.
  • Performs data profiling and analyses to assess data quality. Able to identify anomalies and trends in customer data.
  • Produce quantified analyses to assess the impact of customer data issues. Produce qualified analyses to identify areas of product configuration that can be modified to enrich customer data or assess whether a given issue should be addressed by correcting the data within customer source data.


Career Path:

Advancement within Gaine organization

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